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We do not violate the law or NETFLIX's policy

As you can see below, the traffic we receive helps us generate money to pay for the premium plan for each of our users. In a word, YOU help us generate payments to NETFLIX and through us you will receive the FREE PREMIUM account. You generate the money that will pay the bills, but without paying anything. Only we take care of that. WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU ABOUT YOUR BANK DATA OR ANY KIND OF PAYMENTS, we need only your name and email address to which we can send you your login details.

Why pay when you can have it for free?

The fact that our software "tricks" the NETFLIX server is not illegal. It just tells the server that the payment expected from user "X" has been completed. But the payment is in fact complete, but not from your money, but from the money from online traffic on our site. Traffic will help us get as many accounts as possible for you. So, the more traffic we have, the more accounts we will deliver. That's why we ask you to share this site as you can. In short, NETFLIX will receive its money for the service offered even if you do not pay.

How our software works

In case you know what a bypass is, this software is similar to the gevey sim chip which basically tells an iPhone that in fact it is not blocked in a certain network and allows it to work on all available networks. In short, our software communicates to NETFLIX servers and sends them information that the plan is already paid by the "USER X", which allows you to use the Premium account indefinitely.

Watch your favorite movie at a higher resolution.

NETFLIX Premium allows you to watch your favorite movie or series at a high resolution, 4K+HDR. The Premium plan delivers Ultra HD video quality that might appear to be a good reason to go for it.