Wizard 101 – Djal and His Guards

My son requested me the opposite day for assist with a boss. “I do know you’ve got cleared all of Krokotopia solo…however I am unable to beat this man as a result of he has 3 guards with him and it is one vs. 4.” I knew precisely what he was speaking about, as a result of, like him, I did not learn the hunt directions clearly the primary time. In the event you stroll into the room the place Taskmaster Djal is, you will discover that he has a bunch of guards with him. Nevertheless, in case you comply with the quests accurately, you’ll be able to really combat him with none guards serving to him. Within the Karanahn Barracks, there’s a quest to defeat Kiwu. Discover that there’s a desk of meals behind him. In your quest log, the directions had been to defeat Kiwu to place a sleeping potion within the meals. Many individuals miss this step.

Cheer up! In the event you’ve already crushed Kiwu and he has respawned, you’ll be able to merely stroll round behind him. Keep near the wall and you’ll not be pulled into fight. You may get behind him, to the desk…the place you’ll be able to hit X to place the potion within the meals. Then while you enter Taskmaster Djal’s room, he’s there alone! No extra guards. One word: for some motive Quest Helper factors the mistaken course for Taskmaster Djal. Ignore it. To search out him, after you’ve got put the sleeping potion within the guard’s meals, if you’re standing behind Kiwu, merely keep on with the appropriate. Keep to the appropriate wall, and preserve turning proper till you come to a door with the portals in entrance of it. He is in there.